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February 23, 2017 Post a Comment

Alesia Carter Closet - Gucci Chloe Golden Goose

Welcome to the new Love Her Style! I like to think of it as a more mature Love Her Style. I have definitely grown since I first launched LHS in September 2014. A revamp of my blog has been a process for quite some time. It’s such a relief to have finished this move from Squarespace to WordPress.org (and also extremely grateful to my 12 year-old-self for learning how to code and become super tech savvy at such a young age).

As you may know, I neglected having consistency with my blog content. I am still juggling a lot of different projects, but I do plan on having new content at least 3 times a week. There’s so much I want to share with you. With the world basically going crazy, I want to use this as an outlet to inspire in ways that Instagram can’t necessarily capture. I think it is so important to use your voice to speak up. I have tried to do that through my Instagram posts, but I don’t want to bombard you with the political stuff all the time (which is why I assume 98% of bloggers don’t say anything at all?). For me, social media is an escape where I can be inspired by beautiful images and works of art. I imagine, it might be the same scenario for you. While I won’t pretend that everything is unicorns and rainbows, I will continue to stand up for what’s right. And I truly hope you don’t mind that I do. Feel free to engage in the comments. That’s what this space is for and I want to encourage open discussion in an empowering and supportive environment while remaining respectful of one another’s opinions.

2017 has already been off to a great start. I have declared this the year to give back. You may not know my story (I’ll share at some point), but I have come a long way. I’m grateful for my progress and knowing that it wasn’t easy for me, I want to dedicate my time to helping others. With that said, I have launched a creative agency/community for influencers, bloggers, creatives, hustlers – whatever you identify yourself with – that will hold monthly workshops that focuses on topics such as how to grow your Instagram following, how to monetize your content, setting rates, making a press kit, blogging basics and so much more. My new company will also focus on giving creatives tools they need to succeed (like opportunities to win gift cards, a new camera or even a laptop). It will be all about giving back to the community (you) and others that are less fortunate. I will go over this in depth in a post next week. The first workshops are at the end of April in LA. So I hope you guys love what I have in store!

I will end it here. Can’t begin to describe how excited I am for this new phase in my life. Change is so darn good.

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