The Pursuit Of Happiness x Finding Your Purpose

July 23, 2015 Post a Comment

Happiness. Purpose. What does that mean? How do you achieve it? How do you live it on a daily basis?  We aren’t Sometimes we wake up just fine. And other days, it’s a struggle. It’s okay. That’s normal. We all have bad days. I certainly won’t pretend my life is 100% glamorous or perfect because that’s not real. I also won’t pretend that I’m happy everyday, because I’m not. I get lonely. I have bad days. I get sad. I get moody. It happens. I sometimes question my existence. Like, what am I doing and why am I not doing enough of what I should be doing? Sometimes I feel like nothing I do is enough (partly because I’m a Leo and a perfectionist with extremely high expectations). Sometimes I feel like no one will understand what I’m going through. At times I hate being single because I feel like I’m missing my rock, that special bond of having someone forever. I start to think, why am I not married yet? Why haven’t I found the one? But then I remember that my journey is different; that my purpose is to help and inspire others. That there are things I need to accomplish first before I get to have a real love in my life. Part of being happy is accepting things for what they are, that are beyond our control. And I’ve accepted that there are just some things I can’t have yet because it’s not my time yet.

Happiness is different to each of us. For me – it’s in colors, mother nature, creating, inspiring, designing, reading and writing.  It’s in remembering my purpose as to why I am here. We spend so much energy worrying about others and measuring their success against ours. Her success does not determine your worth. We all have different journey’s happening at different times. If we were all alike, it’d be boring. In order to manifest your dreams, you have to speak them into existence. Daily mantras (or depending on your religion, prayer) help with this. I personally pray every morning to have a “happy, blessed and productive day”. Sure it may not always seem like I am, but putting it out into the universe is better than not. Try to spend some alone time with yourself everyday and surround yourself with positive vibes. We can forget to do something as simple as this with the hustle and bustle of life but it’s so important to take care of ourselves first. Because if we don’t, we are of no use to others.

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