Maison Margiela Fragrances

July 9, 2017 Post a Comment

I was recently gifted the most beautiful fragrances courtesy of Maison Margiela and the L’Oreal Paris family. It is not an overexaggeration when I say they are absolutely heavenly. My personal favorite? Definitely the Replica Beach Walk Dry Body Oil. If there is one product you should buy, make it that. It melts into your skin and leaves behind an euphoric experience. It’s described as “sun kissed salty skin” and “silky and sensual”. They hit the nail on the head with this because it’s so amazingly accurate. I LOVE it and really think you will too, so that’s why I’ve linked each of these items at the end of this post!

The best part is that they’re affordable and these are not only great for yourself, but they’re the perfect gifts to give to someone who will for sure appreciate such luxury. I’m holding out on using the Jazz Club candle because it’s just too gorgeous to use (and the perfect decor) but I know that once I do start using it, it won’t disappoint.

What’s your favorite Maison Margiela fragrance?


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