KKW Beauty Contour Kit Review

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As you’re all aware, Kim Kardashian’s Creme Contour and Highlighter Kit aka #KKWBeauty is probably the most highly anticipated make-up release. If you’re anything like me, you may have recently spent your time scouring the internet to get the real scoop by reading/watching KKW Beauty Contour Kit Review’s whilst patiently waiting for your kit to arrive in the mail or deciding on whether or not you’re going to participate in the second drop on July 6th.

I purchased the Dark kit but the Deep Dark could’ve worked too, for a more intense look. There are things I honestly love and hate about it, so I thought I’d write up my unbiased review. Overall, it is WOC and brown girl friendly. Still interested? Read on.

For such a huge launch, to receive my package within 1 week was pretty impressive. It arrived packed carefully and in air sealed packaging. I love the reusable outer bag because it was a unique twist. Also, I find it to be a plus that it came in packaging where you know that it’s brand new and not previously used. I’ve read a few reviews that hated it. Not sure why anyone would hate the reassurance of receiving fresh product.

The main reason I bought this KKW Beauty Contour Kit is because 1) I’m on this huge beauty tip right now thus was curious and 2) I loved the idea of an all-in-one, simple solution to contouring. Not simply because it was Kim Kardashian’s name attached to it. Aside from how I feel about the Kardashian mania, I wanted a product like this. I didn’t want to have to buy multiple items or keep track of a bunch of different powders, cremes, brushes and whatnot. I justified the pricing in thinking that I was basically getting 6 products at $8 each. It just seemed convenient.

Here’s the downside. I never once thought twice about the size of these. The website doesn’t indicate how much you receive (ounces wise) and it definitely didn’t state how big these were. Like most others have said, these are deluxe sample sizes. I watched the videos on her site and couldn’t even tell these were quite small, not even the photos made it seem that way. Now, that doesn’t necessarily bother me. Having something compact to stick in your purse without it being too bulky while making it easier for travel isn’t exactly an issue. But an inch or so of product is not what I was expecting at all. The other downside, these break so easily. While swatching, I barely glided one of the creme’s across my wrist and had only twisted it up a little bit before it broke. While using the matte highlighter, I ended up breaking that too. So be extra, extra careful.

The upside, these blend fairly well and are highly pigmented. Some found the matte highlighter hard to blend, but I felt it wasn’t too bad when I used my fingers. It actually melted right into my skin and brightened the areas I used it on. I recommend not using a ton of it otherwise it may become overly cakey and ultimately too hard to blend. I am not particularly great with highlighters, so the fact that I could use it and be satisfied with it is a bonus. All 4 colors are gorgeous and are surprisingly a perfect match for my skin-tone. The formula is super buttery and very creamy. The blending brush is something I can use, however the sponge applicator is a bit stiff. Others say the packaging is too minimal, but that’s just Kim’s style. I personally love the aesthetic (her website is beautiful) but for $60 after CA taxes and $8.95 in shipping (which is ridiculously high), I wouldn’t buy this again. You mean to tell me she can’t front the cost of shipping and credit card fees? She made millions off this launch, and had millions already as it is so it’s a bit off putting that free shipping wasn’t offered. Even Colourpop offers free shipping for orders over $30 and their products are less than $20 each.

To note, I purchased the kit the day of launch. This was before the Jackie Aina drama about her not being tagged in a photo due to her honest review (which I’ll be upfront in saying that bothered me considering Jackie is a well-known Beauty Vlogger and as a WOC not being tagged in a photo while even smaller and bigger non-WOC YouTuber’s were tagged is unsettling). Turns out, Jackie’s review is echoed amongst a ton of other beauty guru’s. I’m in no way a guru, but for a kit that’s close to $100 (ouch) I expected much better quality. Kim may have an unlimited supply of her product, but the rest of us don’t and I feel we definitely deserve better at such a high price point.

My final say? There are definitely positives, but I just can’t get over the amount of product compared to the cost and the fact that it just breaks. With that said, if you don’t need it then don’t buy it. If you’re a huge Kim K. fan or just want it to say you have it or just want the experience because you’re as curious as me, then get it. Realistically, a kit will last a month (barely) if you’re a heavy, everyday contour user. I’m not, so I may get away with it lasting for 2-3 months. I’m also not totally ruling out her KKW Beauty line and hope that she releases some sort of skincare products like a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and/or serums.

So what do you guys think? Hate it, love it or in-between?

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