Dealing With Doubt

August 5, 2015 Post a Comment

Happy Wednesday lovebugs!  I was trying to think of a topic I could touch base on today and the word doubt came to mind because I’ve been dealing with that off and on the past couple weeks. Not just self doubt and the ability to accomplish what you want, but also dealing with the doubt of others.  I personally have been dealing with being doubted.  Yeah, I have my moments of personal doubt during times where I stop and ask myself, what am I doing?  Even though I know my purpose and I know what I love to do, sometimes I feel like I’m doing it for nothing.  No, not everyone will appreciate what you put into your brand and there will be a lot of people who will overlook you.  But just know, that nothing you do is without a purpose.  I spent so much time making my new website for  Love Couture LA that was recently re-launched. SO much time.  Plus the fact that I design my own website is a major accomplishment that I take pride in.  Yet I don’t really think people understand just how much I put into what I do. Especially when those people are your friends and may not take the time to recognize the things you’ve shared with the world. But it also sheds a light on those “friends” that say they’re supportive but in actuality, aren’t (a whole other topic in itself).  It’s a bummer but I try to remind myself that I have to be happy with me, regardless if someone else is happy for me or not.  At the end of the day, my happiness is determined by me. It’s my choice.  If I lived my life according to someone else, I’d be miserable. I just can’t see myself giving someone the power to control how much or how well I do (but I have made that mistake in the past, I learned).

On the flip-side of that, one thing that really gives me motivation is when I am doubted. And I think, “Why NOT me? How can they overlook me?!”  I’m definitely not afraid to work hard by doing whatever it is I have to do to get to where I’m supposed to be.  I love to prove that I can do anything I put my mind to, that I’m just as good as the next. Not for the sake of proving someone wrong, but to show that I can be taken seriously and that I am somebody who is really trying to accomplish great things and I have so much to share.  I may not be exactly where I want to be, but I am getting there. So, if you’re currently feeling like no one cares about your brand or blog or if anyone is even reading what you have to say. Don’t be discouraged. Someone out there, even if it’s only one person, can relate.  Remind yourself why you started (I’ll say this over and over again because it’s true. Everything is interconnected!). If you love what you’re doing, it can’t be wrong. Don’t compare your journey to others.  We all make progress on different levels. It’s okay to be happy for other people!  But never measure your success to the next person. Also, I know it can be realllyyy hard because social media is huge nowadays but the amount of followers and likes and comments shouldn’t be compared either. I noticed that when I focus on myself and what I’m producing, that more opportunities came knocking on my door.  With that said, continue to do what’s in your heart.  It’s such a liberating feeling, whether other people understand that or not. Chin up buttercup!  You’re doing great things.

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