Better Sleep With Tuft & Needle

May 9, 2017 Post a Comment

I’ve had my Tuft & Needle mattress for a little over a month, and I’…love. It’s sooo incredibly soft. I feel like I’m sitting/laying on a marshmallow. Sometimes I don’t even use my pillow, because I love how “cushiony” it is.

Yes, it’s that amazing.

I’m one of those people who suffer from back pains and all sorts of aches because of my Scoliosis. Although it’s not a cure all for those pains, my T&N mattress has definitely helped me sleep better and just simply be comfortable. I’ll never look at mattresses as “all the same” again.

The best part about Tuft & Needle is that setting up the mattress was easy peasy.  It’s rolled into the cutest (and aesthetically pleasing) box. All you have to do is cut the plastic (I recommend placing the mattress on the bed frame/box spring first) and let it air out. It’ll take shape in no time. Literally in just a few steps, you’re all set up. Plus, it’s super affordable compared to other mattress companies. With a 10 year warranty and a 100 Night Trial, you really can’t go wrong and you don’t have anything to lose.

Hands down, it’s a beautiful mattress.

Even though Tuft & Needle did gift me this amazing mattress, this opinion is of my own and I still highly recommend investing in a T&N mattress!

Tuft and Needle

Tuft And Needle


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