“The media lacks diversity and tends to force-feed this one image to the world that comes across as being the only acceptable way to be. As a Latina and Black woman, it only motivates me even more to change that false, cookie-cutter image and show the world that I belong here too and I can do the job just as good as anyone else.”



My name is Alesia (A-lee-sha), and this is my blog – Love Her Style – based out of Los Angeles. You may know me from my clothing brand, Love Couture LA or jewelry brand, Love Society LA.  Although I have tons going on with building my clothing and jewelry brands, there has always been this desire of mine to connect with women and girls of all ages on a different level in which I can’t do through my brand.  Don’t get me wrong – my clothing line, for instance, most definitely reflects who I am but there’s just different aspects of what you can and can’t share through the eyes of a company versus the eyes of your bare soul.  Sharing my personal journey, inspirations, fashion and style on a deeper level is the goal of this blog but simply put, I just want to help inspire someone. To show that anything is possible when you work hard and stay true to who you are. My style is very much a fusion of girly and tomboy. I love to mix the two together to create effortless stylish looks.

I had been sitting on the idea of being a “Fashion Blogger” for awhile. Really, I became a blogger by accident. When I first started using Instagram, I mainly posted about my brand. I had no aesthetic and no real goal in mind other than to promote my business. Eventually I began to hang out with bloggers and in turn, I would get asked if I was a blogger. Then I started getting questions about my outfits. One thing led to another and now here I am, blogging. I wanted to start at the right time. The word Blogger was one that I struggled with, and still do in a sense. I didn’t think it was “acceptable” for me to become one and I wanted to do it for the right reasons. I realized there are a lot of amazing girls out there who have their own brand and blog too. So why not me? It just makes sense to mix my love for writing with my love for fashion. Love Her Style was a name that just hit me one day, and I launched this space in September 2014. 

I want to make a difference.  I want to show people that you can be and do whatever it is your heart desires, even if you’re coming from nothing like I did.  I have always had a love for writing. I love love writing. So blogging is a great form of expression for me.  I hope to continue to be a creative, digital influencer in a positive way and share my thoughts, dreams and desires along with my favorite fashion finds, style, life inspiration, beauty tips and much more.  I am beyond the moon excited to begin this venture with you.  I hope you’ll love it just as much as I love creating it.