10 Tips On How To Make Your Dreams Come True

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I have always been a firm believer that you can be whatever it is you want to be, and do things that would otherwise be deemed as impossible. Anything is possible. I have always also been a take action type of person. I don’t just let life run me. I run my life. I make the choice everyday, to be better than I was yesterday. I’ve never had it easy. I’ve worked tirelessly to have what I have. Developing a clothing line from just an idea to an actual product took me 7 years. And there’s so much more I want to do. Which includes developing an amazing fashion and beauty blog for girls and women to turn to.

Below are some tips that have helped me along the way in making my brand. This post is with the assumption that you’re creating a business. Though it may seem easier said than done, you can do it! I hope this post helps inspire you, even if just a little.

1. Find your passion, Develop a plan and Make the choice to go for it. So you know what you want to do. What next? Well, you don’t need a straightforward plan but you do need some idea of what you want to do. Narrow it down. And then execute your vision. I’ve never created a business plan in my life. Believe me, I’ve tried. Not to say you shouldn’t make one, but I am saying that you don’t necessarily have to have it all figured out right here and right now. Let life guide you. And just go for it. 

2. Believe in yourself and what it is you stand for. If you don’t believe in yourself, who else will? Believe in your passion. Yes, there will be a few times when you may doubt yourself. I say, go with your gut. The mind and the heart can confuse you, but your guy says it all. I’ve had moments when I’ve thought, “OMG am I really doing this?” But then I’m so much more prouder of myself for doing it. I look at my clothes and I smile because this is who I am, and I wouldn’t change that for anybody. If you love what I do, fantastic! If not, that’s okay. That’s another thing, not everyone will be receptive or understand your dreams. Just remember that they’re your dreams and you’re living your life for you. So the next time someone has something negative to say, smile and say thank you.

3. Be YOU. There really is no point in trying to be someone you weren’t meant to be. Just be you, and the rest comes easy as far as coming up with ideas. Show who you are, in everything you do. When people see the consistency in who you are, they will take you more seriously. How you present yourself is a big deal. You have to be your brand 24/7. If you can’t, then you may want to rethink what you’re trying to do.

4. Surround yourself around positivity. I can’t stress this enough. Whether it be reading quotes, writing affirmations or watching inspirational videos – find positivity and create positivity. I find it in books, magazines, colors, my hopes and my dreams. I also find myself intrigued watching YouTube videos that have caught a glimpse into the wonderful mind of Will Smith; his aspect on life and accomplishing goals is truly amazing. These are tools that give me hope and renew my faith. We’re kind of like cars, we need to be refueled. It’s so easy to be a Debbie Downer, and if you see one of those people just be sure to not feed it back to them – it’s not worth your time. Take in the beauty of life! Change your outlook and perspective.

5. Spread kindness and good vibes. Don’t be discouraged! What you put into the universe, is what comes back to you. Sometimes, even if you’re doing everything perfect there will be moments when it seems like it’s all falling apart and as thought life is ending. This is simply a test: don’t lose faith. These trials and tribulations are meant to be apart of your story. They are meant to inspire not just you, but the people you will come across. Once you accept that life isn’t always picture perfect, peace will come.

6. Invest in yourself. You’ll hear me say again and again how long it took me to simply get here. I didn’t come from a family of wealth so I personally didn’t have the luxury of financial help. If you can get a loan, great. But spend it wisely. If you’re like me, making your dream a reality will take putting money away here and there. Any extra money I’ve had, has gone into my brand. Do I always get the return of my investment? No. But I see the bigger picture. I know my brand will become something much bigger than I could ever imagine. Investing in your brand isn’t just monetary. It also means taking time and fully dedicating yourself to making things happen.

7. Do what makes you happy, and be okay with saying no. The reality is people will offer you all sorts of advice and they’re going to approach you about things that may not necessarily fit into what you want to accomplish. This will actually happen a lot. I often get approached about offers that just don’t fit my brand or my vision. But saying no is absolutely necessary to the success of your brand. You don’t have to take advantage of every opportunity someone gives you. Ask yourself if it makes sense, if it benefits you and if it’s valuable. For instance, I would not say no to a Lucky Mag or Style Watch feature or event. Those kind of things you say absolutely yes to!  I would however, say no to an urban event because well, my brand isn’t urban and it doesn’t make sense for me to put my money somewhere that doesn’t fit.

8. Use Social Media…every day. This is a little more difficult for me, for different reasons. One being, the time. Two, I’m not a very social person (but I’ve gotten a lot better). I’m pretty much always busy. But until I’m comfortable with hiring an intern for my business, I’m solo and have to do what it takes. Social media will help your business bloom in a lot of ways. I had to learn how to be social and post steady, consistent updates. I don’t like to post for the sake of posting. I suggest to only post when you have something of significance and of value to offer your customers/audience. Otherwise they may just get annoyed. Admit it, we all have that one friend that posts things that you could care less about. Don’t scare your customers/audience off! If you can’t commit to everyday, atleast develop a social media schedule. For instance, use Twitter and Instagram on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and at least one weekend day. And Facebook on Tuesday and Thursday. This way, the world can expect to hear from you and hopefully, look forward to it.

9. Attend Events and Network! The importance of networking is crucial. I have met people that I never thought I’d meet and I have surprisingly met people that were on my “must meet” list. When that happens, it’s an incredible feeling. That alone gives you inspiration and a sense of accomplishment. Remember: your vibe attracts your tribe.

10. Think BIG. I absolutely love creating ideas. It motivates me, it encourages me, and it brings life into me. It’s just so exciting!  Think big in all that you do. Because you can do it. Amazing things will happen if you just simply shift your frame of thinking. Think big and big things will come.

Lastly, it is a process and success will not happen overnight. Accept that first and foremost but don’t let the amount of time it’ll take discourage you. The journey is so much more fun. You never know what could happen right when you feel like you want to give up. Don’t give up Dreamers! Live your life with love. Love the life you imagine.

I hope this post has inspired you in some way. If you like it or love it, leave a comment or spread the word.

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